PS4 vs Xbox One: Which Console is better?

playstation vs xbox one

PS4 VS. Xbox One

which console is better? is actually a stupid question.In the past, the living rooms were filled with entertainment systems such a smart TVs and Media PCs. And now we are seeing the domination of consoles. They are once limited to playing games only, now they are capable of doing more than that. Moved beyond “Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360” and now focuses on “Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One. PS4 offers the best gaming experience with its superior hardware technologies and the ability to share everything with one ‘Share’ button. While the Xbox One stands toe to toe, face to face with an overall replacement for home entertainment.

What’s inside these consoles anyway?

First of all, these console shares very similar hardware. Both use AMD Processor and Graphics.  Also, both use 500GB storage drives, offering external storage with USB 3.0 connections
The differences between these two are obvious. The PS4 can handle game graphics better than Xbox One. While the Xbox One handles the apps better than PS4 due to its memory. PS4 centered on games and graphics while Xbox one revolving around the extra contents like applications for streaming services and exclusive Halo series like that. It’s like Xbox one integrated with every media devices. It doesn’t mean PS4 is bad. It has the top Blue-ray player and many applications as well.

Number of Games (Game catalog)

Moving on to the games, not just games but the number of quality games the PS4 has the edge here. There are quality cross-platform games as well as indie and exclusive games. Sony is a bit ahead in this one with more versatile ones. Also, Sony is friendly towards indie developers to promote their games along with their staff while Microsoft is hesitating to shake hands with the Indies.

The Hidden Costs

There are some additional costs involving with the purchase of both consoles. PS4 console ($400) and online access ($50-per-year), your net cost is $450. The Xbox One console with Kinect ($350), Xbox Live ($60-per-year) is a total of $410.
You may think Xbox One is the better deal here. But here’s the catch. Playstation Plus only required for online gaming and all other apps are free of charge on the PS4. You need Gold account on Xbox to access many online features of Xbox one. One example is the Upload studio for the sharing gameplay. However there are some partnered programs YouTube, Netflix, Twitch and skype which you can access. Still some of them need Gold subscriptions.


Even though Xbox One services are expensive than PS4, you get what you paid for. You’ll get better support. The number of servers Microsoft running Xbox Live is massive. It’s more stable, reliable and trusted. To take advantage of Xbox One you need to get online. Plenty of streaming apps makes your life easier and comfortable.  On the other hand, Sony’s network security is not been in trust after 2011 security breach. And also, the number of applications you're getting for $50 are less than Xbox one.

The Final Verdict

It finally depends on your taste. If you are a serious gamer looking for better, versatile games and graphics choose the Playstation 4. If you want to play the popular games and want extra services then choose the all in one Xbox one which you can integrate your media device.
When it comes to which is better the fans are in two poles. Xbox fans and Playstation fans. It’s all up to you. Buy the one with your priorities and be happy.

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