Letter: New Domain, Blogger and Happy Birthday

It’s been one year since I started this blog. This was nothing more than a curiosity for at first. But now it’s achieved another milestone. It’s been 1 year. Well, it’s nothing to be proud of. But for me it is! To celebrate the achievement I bought a new domain name. Now this blog feels authentic to me. Believe it or not, this is my 44th blog. All are in blogger. 44 of them are not under use. I don’t even know why I created all that blogs. And of the remaining 4, only this blog is actually active. I feel good here. So I bought a domain name for this blog.

I’m not rich but I still managed to find some cash to buy the domain. Gladly the domain that I wanted was available. I bought it from Bigrock. I was tensed to buy a domain because it was a big step for me. Buying a domain name and setting up a site may be piece of cake for some but I’m totally new to this tech

Big thanks to Blogger and Google

I started using blogger since 2009. This is a great platform for beginners. This blog is still powered by blogger. I thought of thinking to Wordpress along with new domain but it feels nice and warm here. So I decided to settle here with my own domain name Videogamerplus. Also big thanks to mybloggertricks forum for helping me to setup domain.

The future gaming life and learning

I don’t know about the future but for the next one year, I’ll be very busy with my studies. Actually, I’m not English speaker or writer. But I’m trying my best to express myself honestly through the medium which I love. That’s gaming and blogging. That’s why I love gaming. In the future, i will try to write more awesome content. Also, this blog needs more work. It'll still under construction.

I know this post if off topic but hey ‘good luck with everything’.

                                                                                                              With Regards

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