EA Sports FIFA 15 Review (3DS, PS4, PS vita, Xbox one, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

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This is my review of EA FIFA 15 which released on Sep 23. Let me put the conclusion first. FIFA 15 is not that great and it’s not worst either. It’s an above average ( very good but not perfect) game. The hype didn't live up to the expectation. EA didn't lie ( update: they lied!!!) us too either. They did the extremely well-marketing campaign. They didn't specify that all features of FIFA 15 are not available on all platform. The biggest letdown is PS vita version. Don't buy it. it has 2 fewer game modes and 100 less licensed club than previous iterations. And  it has no online mode and update option.they both completely removed.
FIFA 15 What was the hype?

Incredible visuals

FIFA 15 promised new authentic faces and visuals. And they delivered it. The graphics are better than last year FIFA 14 and it’s noticeable. Players are showing more expressions. Everything is animated. And there are some unnecessary animations which are time killer.

Emotion and intensity

The emotional intelligence is a newly added feature of FIFA 15. The 22 players are linked to behave emotionally depending on the situation. And they behave smart sometimes and get panicked sometimes. You can clearly see it in AI.

Agility and control

It’s the same old stuff with added skills and new celebrations. Controls feel more responsive.

New stadiums

The newly licensed stadiums are live up to the expectation. They properly researched and animated the stadium. They are close to realism. They even added pitches getting worn out over time. Sadly, it has no impact on gameplay.
Next-gen Goalkeepers

The goalkeeper AI is built from scratch. They even updated Goalkeeper in the last minute before releasing the game. Yet, goalkeepers are failing. They are like Shaolin kung-fu goalkeepers. They are super Goalies. However, it’s a bit comedy when they let the ball pass through their legs and looks panicked. Overall goalkeeper needs more work.

Defenders are Speed demons
The center halves and full backs are catching the attacker with burst speed. They chase him down. There are more tight spaces than before. You need to always cut through one or more opponents.
Career Mode transfer system
It does remain unchanged and it’s a mess. I would like to see actual stats player. But the poor scout always gives the wrong one and wastes lot of time chasing the player.
Goal line technology.
Goals can now be disallowed after scoring. In my opinion, it’s a nice feature which adds late drama.

I don’t know you noticed or not, there were some slight lag issues when the player turns in FIFA 14. It’s because of not true 360 degrees. Instead, they used angles. FIFA 15 is fast and responsive
The biggest let down of FIFA 15 is they didn't add anything to gameplay. They used the same success formula since FIFA 13. Of course, I know it's soccer. It’s the same if it's 1 or 15. But what I meant is there is no addition to the gameplay experience. I know players are happy if they can do some amazing 4 or 5 skills during the game with 2 -3 button press. We need that too. But on the same side, we need some gameplay mechanics that’s innovative and creative and not some congested midfield without oxygen. That’s one of the problems with FIFA. On the parallel side, we also know true game simulation doesn’t exist. Even though EA added less improvement there are some bug issues going on.

Overall it’s like minor tweaked FIFA 14 with some cool patch and updated roster. The difference is here and there. EA added animations and also added flawed goalkeepers. They forgot to improve gameplay. Is the game a letdown? NO! game is still great but it doesn't give anything significant or exceptional.
want a review score? I give 7.3/10

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