Letter 2: Future and new road map

Two years! videogamerplus conquered another milestone. This blog is now generating approx 30000 page views/month now.
On my last letter, I told you that I'd be very busy with my studies. It's now over. Now I got more free time.
What's my plan?
Instead of reporting all new news I'm going to refine and polish what's already here. Mainly the Guides and seasonal games. Updates! Who don't like updates? I'll make it more relevant and useful for my visitors and readers.
And, ***Drum Roll***
I've acquired another new domain! And want to develop it into a fully-fledged website. I'm targeting a top notch, high quality, reliable and trusted site. More on that later.
That's my road map for next year and hope I'll get there.

Ultimate Goal: Setup a Indie Research lab where i can do some experiments. My last motive is to find something that change the course of humanity forever. Hope i'll reach there one day!

Update: first job attempts failed :)

With Regards

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