Arcane Legends Crazy Luck Leprechaun Guide

Hey, this is me again. Before going back into the busy schedule I have, I like to write a follow-up guide on my last guide. All my past arcane legends guides can be found below at the end if you wish to read.And I update is often.
This is a quick guide on how to have crazy luck in the game. Note that this is not for lock openers. As luck doesn’t have any effect when you open locked crate in the game.
Ok, I’m going into detail.
Luck/ loot reroll can stack in the game. So you need to stack all these luck to reroll into better items. This is incredible if you run Kraken mine 3. Things you need to have crazy luck to reroll is

1. Leprechaun Pendant 

This is a mythic rarity pendant that has 15% chance to reroll all the time when you run the map. In early days of the game, this pendant was nonexistent. It later gets introduced into the game.

How to get leprechaun pendant aka lep in the game? This question is being asked by a lot

Your choices are;
1. Buy Leprechaun bundle (150 plat) using platinum (in-game currency that can be bought using real money).
2. Buy from the consignment shop for gold (in-game currency that can be collected playing game – No need to spend real money) – it costs 200000 gold (200k).

 2.   Arlorian Egg-Shelled Band Rings 

These are discontinued mythic rings which were available during Arlorian Egg Hunt event. This ring procs 10% luck and 20% XP for 12 seconds.  And it does procs often (like always). There are three types of arlorian ring. It’s not class specific, but the recommended ones are given below. The price of these arlorian egg rings varies depending on level.

1. Warrior - Arlorian Egg-Shelled Band of Will

2. Rogue - Arlorian Egg-Shelled Band of Potency

3. Sorcerer- Arlorian Egg-Shelled Band of Force

Since it’s discontinued how to obtain it now?

1. Gold Arlorian Egg – It can be obtained from opening the remaining Gold Arlorian Egg which can be bought via Consignment Store. It currently does not drop from maps. It costs 75k gold per egg now.

 2. Directly buy from consignment store – I recommend this instead of purchase and opening Gold Arlorian eggs. Price varies from 300k gold to 1M Gold depending on level.

 3. Luck Elixir

Well, you got really lucky these days around Arlor. There’s a Luck elixir that exists in the game.It grants 25% luck for 30 minutes. How to get this?
1. Buy using platinum.
2. Buy from consignment store using gold – Price starts from 7k gold (varies with time)

Note: - Consuming more kits does not add time or stack effects!

Crazy luck ?

Of course, once you stack all these you’ll get a crazy luck like four locked crates in one run (rare) in KM3. The math is a follows
Lep (15% luck) + Ring proc (10% luck) + Luck Elixir (25% luck) = 50% luck!!!
What it looks like?

That’s it, folks. Thanks for reading my crazy luck guide. If you have anything to ask or want a new guide about anything in Arcane legends, please let me know. I can write it if time allows. Also, I'm planning to write a PVP guide for Legends shortly. It's out now. Check my main guide page.
Mishi is a dragon pet in the game, and its arcane ability grants 10% additional luck and those with dragon spirit pet get 15% luck.
The way luck works is different now. You won't necessarily reroll into the best higher tier item like previously. Instead, your odds are higher to get the best loot.
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