Pokemon GO beginner Guide: How to Play

This guide is for friends, newbies and beginners who don't have a clue what's  Pokemon GO or how it's played.
If you are 9 or 90, you may have heard about the new sensation Pokemon GO. It's all over the news and media.

What is Pokemon Go?

It's a GAME! Yes, it's a game developed and released by Niantic for Mobile devices. It works only on Android or IOS based mobile devices at the time.It can download from Google PlayStore for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhone devices.

Minimum requirement to play Pokemon GO
Android - Version 4.4 and higher with 2GB RAM
3G/4G data connection
GPS on your phone
IOS          - IOS 8 and up

How to install?
Download from the official store and install like you normally do. In some countries, it's not yet available to download. SO wait for the official release if it's not yet available in your country.

How to play?
Turn on GPS, Turn on data connection. Launch the game from the main screen.

You'll be welcomed with one avatar to choose from the available two. Select one of the avatars and customize as you wish it.

Objective of the game
Pokemon are the virtual creatures in the game. You are a trainer, and your goal is to catch and evolve Pokemon into more powerful Pokemon. catch all pokemon and complete the collection.
To catch a Pokemon you have to travel physically and explore the map. When you move your avatar in the game, physically move as well.Pokemon can be located depending on their type (water, fire, electric). Water pokemon can be found near water.When you encounter a Pokemon you can see it in your device with either Augmented reality mode ( AR) is on or off.

What's AR?
It's a technology that uses your phone's camera and gyroscope to see a virtual object in the real physical world like you see a real object in real world. So you can see this pokemon (virtual) in the real world.

How to catch pokemon?
As already mentioned your objective is to catch it and train it. When you encounter a Pokemon throw a Pokeball at it flickering it from bottom to up.If you successfully caught it, it'll become yours.

Whats Pokeball?
It's a ball that your throw at the Pokemon from your screen.

That's it?
No. You can level up your Pokemon and evolve it more powerful species. To do that you need Stardust and candies. These are game currencies. Successful capturing of Pokemon awards candies.

Battles, GYMS, Combat
Beside capturing you can fight with other players with your Pokemon. To beat them successfully you need High CP Pokemon. CP stands for combat points. Higher the CP stronger is the Pokemon.
The highest CP Pokemon list is here. GYM were the locations in the real world you go and battle with other trainers to get control.

How to level Up?
You level up by earning XP. Each time you reach the next level, you will get more pokeballs and other things which help you in the game. To get XP, you need to catch Pokemon catching a new Pokemon will give you more XP than catching one you are lady have. You can also get it by training at a gym, winning battles at opposing gyms, and visiting pokestops.


These are the locations in the map where you can collect eggs which can be hatched into pokemon after you travel a certain distance. Besides you get pokeballs, Revives as well
I don't want to make it more complicated. This a beginner guide.Go and Catch'mm all!

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Pokewatch- Pokemon GO plus

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