Top 10 most Powerful Devil Fruits in One piece

Hello, guys! I’m trying to compile the list of top 10 devil fruits based on its power and abilities. As you know, this is a highly debated hot topic. Everyone has a different opinion based on the strength of a devil fruit. So I’m starting with a rough list. And adding a Poll.
I can only add 5 options in a single split it into three
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So you can vote for your choice of devil fruit. And I can update this list according to it. And you can discuss the strength and weakness of the devil fruit in the community. Apparently I’m the only one in it, and you can join anytime in the community without asking.
I don’t want to write a lengthy description of the devil fruit power as it can cause spoilers, my writing is bad, and you can find specific fruit info googling. So, no major story spoilers for manga readers and anime watchers. Enjoy!
1. Goro Goro no Mi (Rumble Rumble)

The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia-type  Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into electricity. The current user is Enel. It can produce a maximum of 200 Million Volt.
2. Magu Magu no Mi (magma-magma)

This fruit power allowed former Admiral Akainu to battle against whitebeard pirates and caused severe damage. This logia user can transform into magma. This fruit has some pure power in it and can cause death blows.
3. Juuryoku –juuryoku no Mi (gravity- gravity)

Well, I came up with this name temporarily. Fujitora (Admiral) uses this devil fruit. He can control gravity. He used some gravitation power and bought meteorites to the Earth. He also showed some circular shaped gravity rings which blocked the same meteorites. This fruit ability is unbelievable
4. Hito-Hito no Mi (Daibutsu)

This fruit allows user to turns into a giant Buddha and can create shockwaves causing massive damage. The power of this fruit revealed during the marineford arc.
5. Doku -Doku no Mi (venom-venom)

It’s a logia type devil fruit, and the user itself can become a liquid poison. Anyone who touches the user gets poisoned.  This fruit is overpowered and make enemies struggle to fight against the user.
6. Hie – Hie no Mi (Ice-Ice)

Former Admiral showed the awesomeness of this fruit. The user can turn into ice and freeze water. In Marineford arc, the user blocked Tsunami with this power. Also with this fruit ability, the user can travel through the sea by freezing water.
7. Yami – Yami no mi (Dark-Dark)

One of the main protagonists has this devil fruit. According to him, it’s the strongest. This devil fruit can nullify other devil fruit powers when the user made contact with other users, making it deadly. It’s the darkness power within this fruit. This fruit power allows the user to turn into darkness and can activate gravity.
8. Gura- Gura no Mi (Tremor - Tremor)

 During Marineford arc, you can see its real power. This devil fruit user can create earthquakes and Tsunami. This fruit can create massive shockwaves which can travel anywhere. It can destroy the entire world.
9. Mera Mera no Mi (Flame – Flame)

Allow the user to transform into flames.  This power is awesome and cool. I don’t want to say anything more about this fruit. It’s a top tier one.
10. Pika Pika no Mi (Glint- Glint)

One of the Admirals has this devil fruit power. The user can turn into laser particles and can travel at the speed of light. This fruit also allows the user to shoot deadly laser beams.
11.Ope Ope no Mi (Operation Devil fruit)

One of the pirates of the new generation has this fruit power, and it’s amazing. It can manipulate anything within a blue aura called 'room' which is spherical in shape. And the user can perform surgery on living and nonliving things. And can switch between objects.

This list is not final and can change. Some devil fruits are stronger but are sometimes weak against not so op devil fruits.


  1. That's a good list. You have listed some of the awesome fruits too. Great work. Btw even I published a post on devil fruits. You can check it here:
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