How to Level Up Fast in Arcane Legends 2016

lvl 57 pack is now available
tombs won't give xp above lvl 60 now

Hello! I'm back in the game to play the upcoming expansion 61. And this guide is up to date. And the best way to level fast free is still the below method. If you've gold or platinum, then the best way is to buy the Lvl 46  pack and then use the XP pack dropped from Prince Levelar event.It can be purchased from consignment shop now. But It can't be used beyond level 56.

Also, watch out for

  • Double XP weeks
  • XP glitches in the games (yes, it exists in the game!)'. Use it before it gets patched.Typically, it takes one day to get patched if it's get notified to devs. It's why you need a lot of good friends who are elite.

First of all Please do all dailies

Here is the guide and xp to dailies compiled by kalizza aka goodsyntax

Hi legends, this is my new super helpful guide to newbie’s who’s looking to level up fast in arcane legends. This guide is one of the most requested guides in the game. This guide is mainly written keeping newbie in mind. I’m covering all characters (warrior, Rogues, and Mages) and which skill you need for fast leveling. So don’t worry! It doesn’t matter which character you choose. First, I’ll cover character strengths and skills you need to start. Get ready to level up for the new expansion!

Which character Level up fast in arcane legends?

Mages level fast compared to other two character because of the AOE skills they got. They do a tremendous amount of damage to a group of mobs. And hard to level is rogue because of single target skills. But they do have 2 or 3 AOE skills which do some damage. Warriors do have AOE skills, but their problem is cool down period of skills. They have the highest cool down skills in the game.
So, mage>Warrior>= Rogues

Arcane legends Leveling builds for mage warrior and Rogues 

Skills for a warrior to level up fast in AL – Unlock all DOT Upgrades!
Skyward Smash
Vengeful Blood
Horn of Renew
I’m currently not adding a screenshot of skills to unlock. You can request if you want it. I can add it later.

Skills for Rogue to level up fast in AL – Unlock All DOT Upgrades!
Aim Shot
Razor Shield
Entangling Trap
Shadow Veil

Skills for Mage to level up quickly in AL – Unlock all DOT Upgrades!
Frost Bolt
Time Shift
Arcane Shield

You now have the leveling Builds. Next is you have to know how much XP points you can gain from a single map and at the same time how efficient the run. So we can level up fast as possible. Generally speaking, a map with higher mobs should give more XP than the map with a small number of counts of mobs. But this is not true. Some maps give more XP than other maps irrespective of mob number.

Underhaul maps give higher or similar xp now.

The best map to Level Up Fast isKRAAG TOMB 4APPROVED! (up to 60)

This map is chosen based on the research by many experienced people in the game as well as people in forum and myself. I’m not going to give any technical details to make your head spin. Okey? This map gives the most XP points in the least amount of time. Get a full EXP elixir and then stack with other XP elixirs. Choose Abaddon as a pet (additional 10% XP gain). And use wep with xp awakened.Then run the map.

Where is Kraag’s tomb 4 is located?

Complimentary maps and pulling

Newest expansion maps give more or equal XP, but it takes more time than KT4. For some leveling is an art. I'll show you how to pull. Don’t kill individual mobs. Pull them together to a single place and unleash the hell!. I added a minimap and an infographics (map) I made which I think will help you to understand quickly else let me know! My drawing skills are bad.

Level Up Map

If you found this guide helpful, don’t forget it to share with others. Cheers! Don’t be shy to throw questions if you had any. Good luck with new expansion


  1. Replies
    1. 1. undim field - shuyal. just run straight (no left and right) you'll meet capatain krom.kill him under the lantern. it takes only 15 sec. he's the new jarl. PS: Don't tell anyone

      2. Elite jarl.He drop locks as well . tooks only 30 sec
      3. mages mine in arcanum grounds

    2. can lepre and cupcake enought to get lock?give some tip

    3. It was enough until km3 nerf. Now its not enough. you need lep + Luck elixir + any luck pet at least to get average drop.

  2. Replies
    1. Kill tindirin bosses. They drop teeth. Also gold runers elite chest drop too


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