Best 4K UHD TV for the Money in 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

Greetings. You do want to explore the deep dark below for 4K TVs? I'd be happy to fill you in. I found these scattered around the web making it difficult for anyone looking for 4K HDR TVs.
Buzzwords! 4K, HDR, 8 bit,10bit,IPS,upscale,gaming, input lag. TV market is now created around these buzz words, gimme a break! Customers don't even understand, and reps couldn't explain themselves, so why not do it for everything?

Gaming specific ? Check this guide (Original version)

In Hurry? - Our Picks of 2016

For GAMING (PS4 Pro/Xbox ONE) Samsung KS8000
For Money Samsung KS8000
Bare Spec Sony X800D

Most of us are familiar with major players in the AV industry. LG, Samsung, and Sony are major players, Vizio, Hisense, Sharp, TCL; Panasonic isn't behind either. But not many can produce great 4K HDR TVs. So, when choosing an HD TV for gaming what specs matter most?

Different TV Types LED, Plasma, OLED

Cross out plasma TVs. They are in decline and manufacturers already decided to discontinue it 2-3 years go.Now that left us with the two. LED and OLED. Each has their Pros and cons. LED vs. OLED needs another guide. So I'll summarize it.
OLED is the king of picture quality. OLED wins in contrast ratio, Black level, and jaw-dropping image quality. The LCD TV's wins in brightness, energy consumption and price.
Gaming - Ignore this part if you don't game and move to next
Input lag is the most important stuff for gaming. How inconvenient when your network ping goes high?Just like that example; for gaming, you need very low input lag. Low input = smoother gameplay, The input lag gets even higher in 4K+HDR modes. 

To simplify,
300ms < game is unplayable and don't even think about it!
150ms < gameplay is degraded and ruined
100ms < player performance is affected
30 ms > target performance
13ms > lower detectable limit

What typically happen is people trade-offs input lag with picture quality, Check out the recent case of angry gamers demanding to fix the input lag of LG OLED TVs which has the best picture quality. And no TV is marketed as gaming TV's, which is odd considering millions of consoles and PC's out there. So you've to research about it properly before purchasing it.

Real Refresh Rate and Fake Refresh Rates
Manufacturers exaggerate this value and call it many names, 
Samsung    -> Clear Motion Rate
LG             ->Motion Clarity Index
Sony          ->MotionFlow
Vizio          ->SPS
Toshiba      ->ClearScan
Panasonic  ->Backlight Scan

All 4K TVs on the market today, are either 60Hz or 120Hz.Some do 240Hz as well It isn't  deal-breaking, Because when you turn on game mode, all lovely motion enhancement stuff will get turned off. If you watch a lot of sports broadcasting stuff and videogames 120HZ is better. We prefer 120HZ.

It's the new buzz word and premium future. It's real, though. It's an upgrade from 4K TVs. Not only games support it, a lot of streaming networks and movies now supports it, and even youtube now added HDR support.
Then there're two formats of HDR. HDR10 and Dolby vision. Both are different technologies to implement HDR. Dolby Vision needs physical chip built on the TV to support HDR. So you can't get it via patch or firmware update. Some TV's support both HDR10 and Dolby vision. Most manufacturers, content developers, and streaming networks decide to go with HDR10 because of no license fee to implement the technology. Some support two formats as well. But for HDR gaming you need HDR10 support and not Dolby vision.

What do they tell you and What it means?
4K HDR, HDR premium, HDR Pro, HDR1000, HDR ready.... It means your TV supports HDR. Its different names for HDR support.But you can't confidently buy the tv with these names. Why?

What they won't tell?

To get the full benefit HDR, you need a native 10bit panel (Manufacturers sometimes claims 8bit+ FRC as 10bit but, it's not 10bit ), Wide color gamut support and Good brightness; True HDR requires a very high wide color gamut (Rec. 2020), contrast ratio, and also maximum luminescence being able to output ~350 cd/m2 or 350 nits max. 1 cd/m2 = 1 nits, which is the unit of luminescence. So that's the bare spec to get the benefit of HDR. Also, HDR is not making images brighter, which in itself can be effective, but enabling detail to be seen in both dark and light areas.

UHD Alliance 
It's an alliance of the industry giants subgroups of 30 at the moment.'UHD Alliance Premium' Certification sets out the technical standards for HDR TV.

According to them the TV should be
UHD resolution ( 3840  × 2160 ) + 10-bit color + wide color gamut (BT.2020) or reproduce more than 90% of P3 colors +  greater than 1000nits peak brightness and less than 0.05 nits black level or more than 540nits peak brightness and less than 0.0005 nits black level.

Confusing? Haha, don't worry. Look for this logo.
But this is not it! A TV with bare spec meets can be certified but won't necessarily able to outperform tv's that don't have certification.So you've to look for other factors and reviews as well. Let's have a break. watch some action on HDR

See the World in HDR? If you are watching it through non-HDR monitor or Tv, then it doesn't do justice, but still, you can see the improvements right? I Can see it. And keep in mind HDR is still at infancy! We don't know what coming next.

Different backlighting

You may often stumble across these. Full Array,  Direct-lit,  Edge-lit. What's the difference?
Here ya go

And Finally, The must know Shopping Tip for TVs

Don't shop or compare TV during daylight- Why? Because you can not tell the difference in daylight. It's in the dark you will spot the differences and see how good a tv is. What you saw on shop won't be same as when you see it at home.

Flat or Curved?

It depends on the person and has mixed views. If you sit in the center, curved is better. We prefer flat versions.

And finally to Best TV (better buy)  recommendations

Its hard to choose TV for everybody. Everyone has a different budget and different priorities.Still..

For GAMING (PS4 Pro/Xbox ONE/PC) Samsung KS8000
For Money Samsung KS8000
Bare Spec Sony X800D

Price Drop on TV's - When to Pick one?

Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas you'll find the lowest price on top of other discounts. Tv price falls almost half during these days

What's Next?

I don't know. There's still room for expansion. What ya think.?

Reference - You can read a lot about HDR here
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Best Graphics Cards 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you don't have time to research and don't want to go through 100's of reviews and benchmarks, don't worry. I've compiled a simple yet up-to-date list of the best GPU you can buy today. For the record, i created this list due to enthusiasm and based on extreme research. My GPU is nvidia 750Ti but i'm not a FANBOY of either Nvidia or AMD. My power supply is not enough to power up higher card. Hence why i use 750TI. It was the fastest card without connector when i bought.

PC gamers need to know what the best GPU for the money is. It's why I have created a list of best graphics cards after spending hours researching online and spending so much time on graphics card forums, Infact, i really love new GPUs and would like to know what they are offering compared to previous generation.I decided to compile the graphics card lineup of both companies first. Then choose the top 10 GPU rank based on performance.

2017 Graphics Card Line UP ( 2016 can be found below)

Entry Level


High- End


Entry Level graphics Cards

These are for anyone into gaming on a super tight budget and HTPC builds and e-sports. It gets the job done.

Mid-Range Graphics Cards

Moving up, this where budget gaming is settled. These cards last 3-4 years before next upgrade. It's for serious gamers who are looking for the best value for their money without sacrificing graphical quality that much.

High - End Graphics Cards

Moving up, This is the premium segment where the high-end PC gamers settled. These cards can run games on ultra settings.

Premium Graphics Cards

And last is the premium segment for super heavy weights or titans collide. These are the prestigious cards of both companies . These cards can handle higher resolutions.These are Expensive though.

2016 - Graphics Card lineup
Entry Level
GTX 1050
RX 460

GTX 1050TI
RX 470

GTX 1060 3GB
RX 480

GTX 1060 6GB

High- End
GTX 1070

GTX 1080

Nvidia Titan X

Top 10 Best Graphics Cards of 2016 (Performance) (As of 11/14/2016)

Graphics Card
Titan X
GTX 1080
GTX 1070
GTX 1060 
RX 480 
GTX 1060 3GB
RX 470
GTX 1050Ti
GTX 1050
RX 460
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Best 4K UHD Monitor for PS4 Pro - Buyer's Guide

**Fast points **
1440p monitor image will get downscaled so..
Only TVs supports HDR at the moment now
HDMI 2.0a/b Port is needed for HDR content
HDMI 1.4 supports 4K@30HZ
HDMI 2.0 Supports 4k @ 60HZ
Many people are asking me what's the best monitor for PS4 Pro after reading the TV buying guide. The straight answer is 'none.' Nonsense! You are lying. No, I'm not! Apparently, no single monitor is consumer ready with HDR except some prototypes floating around. I'll attach it to the bottom to check.The highlight of PS4 Pro is HDR and 4K output (native and upscaling). To enjoy PS4 pro games with its maximum quality, you need an HDR compatible monitor.I wish a lot of them would be ready in 2017 with PS4 Pro compatible tag.unfortunately; that won't happening soon.So what to do next? You can wait, buy a 4k hdr tv or buy a monitor anyway and later upgrade to HDR monitor when it arrives.
So if you are going with final option, you should be aware of these things

Before you buy
You should know that PS4 Pro doesn't support 1440p and the image will be downscaled to 1080p and look worst. So buying a 1444p monitor is futile. A fully capable HDR10  monitor release is far far away. The reason is, the technology is relatively new and can currently be implemented only in large screen (40"+ display) and need zonal control of backlight which makes them bulky and expensive.
The True HDR theory
The True HDR  requires a very large color gamut (Rec. 2020), contrast ratio, and also maximum luminescence being able to output ~350 cd/m2 max. In reality, it should be able to produce extremely bright and dim element at the same time. OLED' are capable of that. But due to potential degradation and input lag issues of OLED panel, I think manufacturers don't want to go that way. On the other half, QLED is promising.
PS4 Pro Display Chart

If you still want to get a monitor for PS4 Pro, you should look at these monitors depending on the budget although I won't recommend getting a monitor for PS4 Pro now. I'll add HDR compatible monitors when it's available here.

LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync

LG Electronics 4K UHD 27UD88-W 27" LED-Lit Monitor with USB Type-C

LG Electronics 4K UHD 27UD68-W 27" Screen LED-Lit Monitor

ASUS MG24UQ 23.6" 4K/UHD 3840x2160 IPS 4ms Adaptive-Sync Eye Care Gaming Monitor

Thank you!
Source and reference

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Best Wireless Routers for Gaming - Buyers Guide

I have no idea why I choose to write about routers. Do you actually have to consider anything when buying a router especially if it's for gaming? Yes indeed.Buying an overkill router isn't the best idea either. Future proof router? Forget it. That won't exist at least in the case of hardware products. Luckily router market is still static.Technology changes rapidly so are the routers.New features are being added to the routers like additional security, attached storage, and fancy antennas. Not all need same routers. It depends on the purpose and budget of course. Instead of a long, baffling post, I would like to make this router buying guide comprehensive.

Any gamer with low ping wins 90% of their battle with others. do you agree? What about the 10%? they are the masters of the manipulators yelling i lost due to lag ( and nobody cares). Its true, I've been brutally beaten many time in games i play. Is it low ping? bad gear?, bad skills? or the bad router? It was the bad router with connection issues for me. Ordinary router isn't capable for gaming, especially in competitive MMORPG. Shooter games? .Premium routers have additional features but its not necessary.

Since the router is the most import piece of equipment that connect you to outside world and backbone of your network, you don't want to cheap out on it either. Especially, if you are going to stream large 4k videos or twitching. Once you start throwing serious stuff into your router, it'll be under heavy load causing performance issue. Also, you should be aware the fact that the throughput ( actual data transfer speed)  will be 50% of the link rate (theoretical) at best manufacturers promising. That's a serious bottleneck.Heavy gamers prefer wired network for gaming. But that isn't convenient for many including me.Like PC, routers comes with various features. But for gaming purpose, the most important is the quality of service or in short 'QOS'.

So what's QOS?

The QoS enables you to prioritize traffic through the router gives you total control over traffic. This way you can divert your bandwidth to utilize the service you wanted. You can control the bandwidth others using over the same network. It ensures you get the bandwidth you wanted and smooth gameplay with very low input lag else you could see the ping goes to yellow and red, and finally disconnection.

Which version?

You'll see 802.11  (it's the Wi-Fi standard), followed by a, b, g, n or ac designating its version. 'ac' is the newest.Most devices currently use n version. 'b' and 'g' are outdated.These are all forward and backward compatible. You should get a router with 'ac' for fast speed. ac is 3X powerful than 'n' version. And 'n' is probably isn't the best option considering the offering of new standard.That being said all routers with the same spec isn't same or perform equally!

Now let's go wireless routers. Let's start with

The Best Wireless routers - Premium

These are the best wireless routers for power users regardless of price and device. These are the beasts out there. Call it next-gen routers if you want. Go one step above your pals.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 – AD7200 802.11ac/ad Quad-Stream MU-MIMO WiFi Router

Netgear AC5300 Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band WiFi Router (R8500-100NAS)

ASUS RT-AC5300 Wireless AC5300 Tri-Band Gigabit Router

The Best wireless routers - For most of us

If you ask me what's the current best router for heavy duty gaming, I would recommend this one. This doesn't have the speed of premium routers but nicely do the jobs.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit WiFi Router (R8000)

The Best Wireless routers - Budget

On strict budget? no problems pal. Its the best one you could buy.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S - AC2600 4x4 MU-MIMO Smart WiFi Gigabit Gaming Router (R7800-100NAS) 

That's it, folks! You may have thought why there is no numbers or graphs. Well, it's purposefully avoided to make this guide short and easy to read. Also, don't forget to buy the right wireless client adapter.I'll add more details and updates if necessary.Have fun gaming!

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Sennheiser Hd 202 ii Professional vs. Sony MDR XB450 Review

If you are confused between Sennheiser HD 202 II professional or Sony MDR-XB450, then you can believe my word. Why? Because I extensively tested both for a long time after buying both! And here is my verdict.
Sennheiser HD 202 ii  Review

This one comes to my attention after searching for a long time. I’m not an audiophile, but I enjoy quality music. Sennheiser HD 202 ii is one of the best entry-level over the ear headphone if you are looking for good headphone. I’m not lying it’s indeed worth its gold.
Here’s what I liked about Sennheiser HD 202 ii
Excellent quality sound and perfectly balanced bass, treble (nothing more or nothing less)
Good noise isolation
Comfortable on ear
Significant upgrade from my mediocre moto G3 headphones
What I didn’t liked 
Long cable and its thick
Is not portable friendly
Sony MDR XB-450 Review
After searching the alternative for HD 202, I found XB-450 is the competitor of Sony MDR XB-450. SO I thought it would be on par with HD 202. But I was wrong. Sony MDR XB-450 comes in a flashy box with good packaging. Thought it would be spectacular after seeing the package. Oh boy! I was clearly wrong. Sony MDR XB-450 is not on par with HD 202 audio quality. HD 202 is the winner. But I wouldn’t say its total trash either.
What I liked about Sony MDR XB-450
Flashy looks
Portable and ear cup is foldable.
Wire is thin
What I didn’t liked
The noise isolation is poor. I could hear song outside when my brother using it (when my ear close to the cup)
The sound is on par with my Moto G 3 headphones (came with my G3), but there’s extra bass in the surrounding. What I feel is, the audio/sound gets drowning in that extra bass.
Sony MDR XB-450 or Sennheiser HD 202 ii final verdict
I tested both in 100% volume from both my phone and PC source ( PVP songs). After a while, I got nausea from both and felt head heavy. I think it’s due the over volume. In my opinion, If you are looking for clear bass, treble, and audio quality then Sennheiser HD 202 ii is the winner.But it's not travel-friendly. If you are looking for a travel companion and can compromise on little sound quality and extra bass, go with Sony MDR XB-450.
This review is purely based on my experience with both! For some reason, I'm not going to buy any other Over the ear or On-ear headphones for a long time.

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Best Headphones Under $25 in 2016 - Buyer's Guide

You may wonder why I would review these headphones.Well, I bought new headphones! not one but two! It'll arrive shortly. For some, money is matter. When you are going to buy something you have to make sure you're getting what you're paying. Quality > Quantity. Putting that aside lets dive into our headphones reviews.

How did I select theses headphones?

I'm honest here. I do careful research online before buying anything. It's my habit now. However, all this opinion is not based on my opinions. My priority when selecting a headphone is always sound clarity. I do listen to the speech (yes!) and audio books. And I use memrise app to improve my vocabulary (I'm non-native).So pronunciation of words is important to me. I watch movies, listen to music but I'm not an audiophile. I'm a technophile. I'm a gamer, and I use headphone when gaming for precision sound. But half of the gaming headphones out there are gimmicks. So I use normal headphones.
The features of each headphone can be found on the internet. What we are not quite sure is the audio quality. But the sound quality depends on the file source itself. If there is any sound that is not caught by one headphone and not by other, then we could differentiate those two.
For that reason, i won't comment on the audio quality or sound quality unless I test it myself. And of these, i bought two to test it myself. It'll come next week. So I'll comment on that particular models. For other models, you can find what people say it on their reviews.
Why should I consider these models? Well, after primary, secondary and tertiary research I found these are the best headphones for budget and overall positive reviews.
Best Earbud & in ear Headphones under $25

Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120-K

Everyone recommends this model. It fits in small ears as well large ears. It comes with three different ear pads. It's inexpensive. This is an excellent alternative to your normal headphones comes with phones.

Light Weight
Fits in all ear types ( even in small ear canals)
soft and comfort
Noise isolation
Better bass compared to rivals at this price range
Ideal for gym and working around
color choice
Value for money
Not suitable for gaming purpose (lol?)

Rival: Philips SHE3590BK

Best Over- Ear Headphones under $25

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

After hours of research, this one is one of the headphones I bought. People recommends it. Every reviewer recommends it. But there is particular reasons why I go for it as well which I mentioned already. The cable length may seem odd. But I sit far away from my TV, and I need a long cable. 

Good at Home Use
Clean sound
Excellent clarity.
Good noise isolation
comfortable on ears
Value for money
Not portable
the long cable is inconvenient for some
Bass is not quite that high but balanced
cords are thin, so you can't throw your headphones after use


Sony MDR-XB450 Extra Bass

For some reason, it's overpriced here I guess. In fact, this is my other headphone I bought for the same price of Sennheiser 202 from a local store. I don't know why they cost over at some shops.

Good for everything (music, work)
Excellent clarity
Clean sound
Extra Bass
Rugged cord
Foldable cup
Design is not okay for some

Best On- Ear Headphones under $25

Good design - Flat fold
Cord is short
Rival: Panasonic RP-HT21

That's it, guys.Shoot me a message or comment if you want to ask anything about the model's Sony and Sennheiser because I already have it.

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Updated on November 13

** (4K + HDR) input lag added
**'HDR Gaming Ratings' from 'Rtings' added. They are professional TV reviewers.

Something is wrong with font, i'm trying to fix it

This list is a work in progress like our infamous 1080P 60 Fps PS4 games. Here I'm compiling the TVs fully compatible with HDR10 (native 10bit)by year and manufacturer at one place.This'll be super helpful to anyone looking for the fully compatible TV for PS4 Pro (and Xbox One S) HDR gaming. I'm updating this list often when new TV's out. If you came across any, let me know as well to include it in the list. I'm also a compiling list of the monitor with HDR10 in the near future (at this point only one monitor is 10bit (sharp), and it's not available to consumers yet.)

Do you want me to add anything particular details> let me know!

The below TVs passed the 4K checks 

*Native 10bit (10-bit color)
*HDR10 standard

SONY - Model Year 2016 4K + HDR Lag  Rating
XBR - Z9D 45 ms NA
XBR - X930D 58.8 ms 6.9
XBR - X850D 57.4 ms 6.6
XBR - 800D 33.3 ms 7.9

Samsung Model Year 2016 4K + HDR Lag  Rating
KS9800 NA NA
KS9500 20.6 ms 8.6
KS9000 20.6 ms 8.6
KS8500 19.2 ms 8.6
KS8000 21.1 ms 8.2

LG - Model Year 2016 4K + HDR Lag  Rating
OLED E6 67.5 ms NA
OLED B6 67.5 ms 8.9
OLED C6 67.5 ms 6.6
UH9500 61.1 ms 7.9

P series (C1) (8.2) (?? ms)

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