Best Processors for 4K Gaming and Editing 2016

I don't want to keep you waiting for and jumping straight into recommended list.

Best 4K processor

The findings are odd and linear. The best processors for 4k capable gaming are Intel i7 6700k and Intel i5 6600k. Anything below is not recommended. Of these let's check how each one stacks up against each other.

Best CPU for 4k under $350 and lower

Intel i7 6700k
The new iteration is out and is Intel 6800k.So it's going to be a skylake vs. Broadwell -E. But 6800k is not worth its weight and gold for gamers. And you don't even get bragging rights. The differencebetween fps of these two @4k is about 2-3 fps. So the Intel i7 6700k is the reasonable choice here. And you get 4GHZ speed just out of the box.

Best CPU for 4k under $250 and lower

Intel i5 6600k is the next logical choice. Not because of $100 less price compared to i7 6700k but
 the difference between i7 6700k and i5 6600k is marginal (5%) in the game. The extra $100 in
 6700k will give your more headroom and is more future proof (no upgrade needed for next 4-5 years).
I can't recommend anything else at this moment. These are the best cards you should get for your budget if you are going for 4K gaming, Streaming and HTPC.

i7 6700K versus i5 6600K
CPUIntel i7 6700kIntel i5 6600k
Base Frequency (GHZ)
Max Turbo Frequency (GHZ)Up to 4.2Up to 3.9
PCI Express 3.0 Lanes1616
Memory Support2 channel ddr4
2133 ddr3l 1600 
2 channel ddr4
 2133 ddr3l 1600 
Socket LGA11511151
Recommended Customer
Customer Reviews and Speci7 6700ki5 6600k

Will get updated when new 4k capable processors  released
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4K Gaming HTPC Series: 4K for Everyone

Whats's this series?
We can no longer ignore the fact that 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution is mainstream. Heck, even 8k is coming into existence now. In this series, we are choosing the best components for your 4K gaming and HTPC need. Note: - This is is not a 4K PC build but a full guide on the best parts for your 4k PC build.

Who's for this series? 

It's for me. lol. maybe you can have a peek at it! nah , it's for everyone! We are going to do the 'reasearchgate' and going to find the best of the best components for your 4k PC. Instead of looking all over the internet, we are going to compile necessary parts to hook up like the best Processors, GPU, PSU, and monitor for every budget and maybe TV's later on the road. So you can find all at one place. And it's easy to update later. I'm dedicating some serious time to build this list


4K setup requires some ransom amount of money. But here we are compiling the best parts for all budget that capable of 4K gaming. You may find what you are looking for! no guarantees.

Benchmarks and data

Every recommended buy is based pm data, real world performance and all other stuff (not too technical) from multiple sources instead of one place. So it'll be accurate. It's like a mini review for each component and comparison. It'll be a table, that way it's easy to understand.
Of course, there's a possibility that there'll be errors or bugs in this data. But I'm going to make sure there's zero error. If you spot any, let me now.

1. 4K Gaming Processors  
2. Will be updated
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AMD Radeon RX 460 vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

So today I was looking for a possible upgrade for my aging 750ti bought two years ago. I do have a list of best low profile graphics cards (Without the 6-pin PCIe) for any budget. This 750ti versus RX 460 is to analyze whether RX 460 should be recommended over 950 or 750ti based on its performance.  I’m plugging that list on the bottom if you want to check. Last generation card didn’t give me the cheapest upgrade path. I’m a mid-range GPU fan. There were 900 series Nvidia and R series  AMD cards previously. What I was looking for is the best performer without the need for external power supply and without breaking the bank. I do have a Seasonic S11 520 W Bronze power supply that can run most GPU’s. The possible option was GTX 950, but it didn’t offer anything spectacular nor it a replacement for 750ti if you do have own one.

So this year I was looking for upgrade options for my 750ti again. So I found that the competitor is from rival AMD RX 460. The name 460 brings me back the memories of GTX 460. Name sounds familiar. Back on to track. Let’s check RX 460 is a worthy upgrade to 750Ti since its new. Check the RX 460 versus 750ti on the table.
GPURadeon RX 460Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
Compute Units145
Stream Processors896640
Clock Rate (Base/Boost)1090/1200 MHz1020/1085 MHz
Floating Point Performance2.15 TFLOPS1.72 TFLOPS
Texture Units5640
Texture Fill Rate57.6 GTexel/s43.4 GTexel/s
L2 Cache1MB (?)2MB
Pixel Rate19.2 Gpixel/s16.5 Gpixel/s
Memory Bandwidth112 GB/s86.4 GB/s
Memory Bus128-bit128-bit
Board Power<75W60 W
Transistors3 billion1.87 billion
Die Size123 mm²148 mm²
Launch Price$110 (2GB)$180
Launch DateAugust 2016February 2014 
Current Price (8/14/2016)$110/£130$105/£80

It is going to be a tough decision for gamer. After all, I'm looking for a card that can replace 750ti that released two years ago. It's certainly not for me. If you are looking for a new low profile card, then it's a good upgrade. According to chart, RX460 will kick 750ti off its low power throne.

Or you can wait for the GTX 1050 (rumored), but I doubt the price will be lower.

Update:- You can find latest benchmarks (950 vs 750Ti vs Rx 460 in this channel)
Watch Rx 460 vs 750 Ti vs 950 in action

The specs: CPU: Intel Core I7 6700K at 4.6 Ghz Memory: 16 GB DDR4 at 2666 Mhz Drivers: Nvidia 369.05 and AMD 16.8.1 Note: All three GPUs were run at stock profiles GPUs used: Gigabyte GTX 950 (GV-N950OC-2GD) Gigabyte RX 460 (GV-RX460WF2OC-2GD) Zotac GTX 750TI (ZT-70605-10M)


Best low profile graphics cards
If you spot any errors please let me know! thoughts and comments are welcome :) thanks

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FIFA 17 vs PES 17 : Rivalry Ends?

This war between FIFA and Konami PES is going on for years now. Many battles have been fought, and both won many. This year they are going to battle again! Who will become the final King of the football game? Is it FIFA 17 or PES 17? Let's check it out.

FIFA 17 - Analysis

The PC version of FIFA 17 launches on September 27 in North America or September 22 for Origin Access members.The expectations are high for this game. FIFA is dominating the sales chart for past few years. Why? More licensed Leagues, Teams, and top of that well-polished gameplay and minimal bugs. Taking that aside have a look at this year's impressive features.
Story Mode
For the first time FIFA 17 feature story mode. The story will follow a man named Alex Hunter aspiring to become the best footballer. Incorporating RPG into a football game makes FIFA 17 changes into a non-linear game this year.
Frostbite Engine
FIFA 17 switched from the impact engine to Frostbite engine which powers the company's infamous Battlefield 1. A major graphical overhaul.

Gameplay Changes in FIFA 17

Physical Gameplay Overhaul

It's a new way player interact all over the pitch. For example, Eden Hazard likes to play with contact and use his body for physical advantage in the game. And he always keeps ball at his feet. At the center of the overhaul is 'pushback tech' which is US patent pending technology EA built for realism. During any situation, you can trigger the physical play. So you can decide when to engage in battle for ball and space during the game. Also, it enables the first touch shielding against defensive threats. When a pass is played the recipient already knows the defender nearby. So he can shield out and receive the ball in protected position. The overall physical interaction in the game is realistic ever than before.

Active Intelligence System

In FIFA 17 Every player has an awareness of his surroundings and space. Players always try to create space off the ball. Teammates are more active and look for a chance to create space with new run types such as fake runs and run into deep.

New Attacking Techniques
For years FIFA had a problem with attacking techniques. Most shots always go to the roof of the net and Finally! Shots go low instead of always finding the roof of the net. Now you can drive low hard shots into the bottom corner or shoot low volley to deceive the keeper who is expecting high volley. Also now you have the ability to head the ball down. Threaded through passes is another new technique which exists in FIFA 17. Have a look at Lampard pass the ball through the defenders in the real game. It's called the threaded through the pass. Look at the %#@! Awesome delivery of the pass.

Now you can pass like that in FIFA 17.

Set Piece Rewrite
Last but not least one another impressive feature is set Piece Rewrite. In FIFA 17 You can adjust your distance from the ball and based on that distance ball now has a different trajectory. It's useful for players who like vary the free kick or penalty. You can go for a far post or near post based on the position of yourself from the dead balls which allows a wider variety of free kicks and penalty. You can also control your run up to penalties.
Take a look at this you can do that in FIFA 17 too.

nah. kidding! Now let's have a look at what's PES 17 has up its sleeves set to release on 15 Sep 2016?

PES 17 Analysis
Nobody trains for a second place. Let's have an eye on the impressive features of PES 17. What? Are they trying for a second position? I'm not expecting for a big marketing campaign, and I wish I could list some interesting features. But there aren't any?

They are talking about player authenticity and such things, but I hear this for some time since PES 13. It was called player ID before now they call it player authenticity. Whats player ID or authenticity? Each player has a set of a unique identifiable feature in a real football game. You can tell who's that player looking how they are running, passing and dribbling. Just like in real games PES has this feature. Each player has a unique set of feature just like in real games. Initially, there weren't many players with life-like authenticity. Now they increased player ID to more players in PES 17.

They signed an exclusive deal with FC Barcelona.The PES 2017 core concept is  'Control Reality' this year. The FCB signature style is Tiki-Taka will get implemented by Konami in PES 17.
Update: EA signed a deal with Man U

Apart from above, there's not much to write.

Gameplay Changes in PES 17
Real touch, Precise pass, advanced instructions, Total team control, corner kick control, Adaptive AI, Authentic visuals and natural movements. It's the same as last year with a different tone.

PC gamers also got left behind with no content improvement on PC port. I LOL'd when the Konami spokesmen (Bhatti) said in another tweet that PC port would have superior resolution and FPS with FIFA 17. If you are on PC, don't ever think about buying PES 17, its the same old game in a new bottle.

The decisive conclusion
It was a long ongoing battle, and it's clear from PES side that they no longer want to compete with FIFA anymore. The rivalry ends here. It's FIFA 17 who scored the winning goal.

Both games are available on PS4,Xbox One and PC

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Letter 2: Future and new road map

Two years! videogamerplus conquered another milestone. This blog is now generating approx 30000 page views/month now.
On my last letter, I told you that I'd be very busy with my studies. It's now over. Now I got more free time.
What's my plan?
Instead of reporting all new news I'm going to refine and polish what's already here. Mainly the Guides and seasonal games. Updates! Who don't like updates? I'll make it more relevant and useful for my visitors and readers.
And, ***Drum Roll***
I've acquired another new domain! And want to develop it into a fully-fledged website. I'm targeting a top notch, high quality, reliable and trusted site. More on that later.
That's my road map for next year and hope I'll get there.

Ultimate Goal: Setup a Indie Research lab where i can do some experiments. My last motive is to find something that change the course of humanity forever. Hope i'll reach there one day!

Update: first job attempts failed :)

With Regards

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[SPECIAL] Best songs to Listen to Go for PVP Rampage in Any Game

Feel like you want to take down champ in PVP? Feel frustrated and loser? These are my favorite songs before I go to PVP rampage. Even i’m under geared in any game these songs give motivation and confidence to become stronger and rampage feeling. Even if you go down swinging, these songs will give you that feeling of meaningful laugh at the end. It’ll help you to get synchronized while PVP'ing.

I always hear questions from folks which are the best songs to play while gaming.

Well, it depends on the mood. This list consist songs I listen to when playing games. The good thing about this list is, these songs can be played while you are sad, angry, before a game, study and ready to get pumped up. I hope if you’ll like this list. I choose to not arrange this in a particular order. Every song is good to listen to. The list currently contains 8 songs I’ll add more if I find it inspiring.

Imagine Dragons - Warriors

Nico vega million years (electronica Version)

Flobots - Handlebars

Imagine Dragons - Monster

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Limp Bizkit - My Way

Rachet one piece

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Pokemon GO beginner Guide: How to Play

This guide is for friends, newbies and beginners who don't have a clue what's  Pokemon GO or how it's played.
If you are 9 or 90, you may have heard about the new sensation Pokemon GO. It's all over the news and media.

What is Pokemon Go?

It's a GAME! Yes, it's a game developed and released by Niantic for Mobile devices. It works only on Android or IOS based mobile devices at the time.It can download from Google PlayStore for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhone devices.

Minimum requirement to play Pokemon GO
Android - Version 4.4 and higher with 2GB RAM
3G/4G data connection
GPS on your phone
IOS          - IOS 8 and up

How to install?
Download from the official store and install like you normally do. In some countries, it's not yet available to download. SO wait for the official release if it's not yet available in your country.

How to play?
Turn on GPS, Turn on data connection. Launch the game from the main screen.

You'll be welcomed with one avatar to choose from the available two. Select one of the avatars and customize as you wish it.

Objective of the game
Pokemon are the virtual creatures in the game. You are a trainer, and your goal is to catch and evolve Pokemon into more powerful Pokemon. catch all pokemon and complete the collection.
To catch a Pokemon you have to travel physically and explore the map. When you move your avatar in the game, physically move as well.Pokemon can be located depending on their type (water, fire, electric). Water pokemon can be found near water.When you encounter a Pokemon you can see it in your device with either Augmented reality mode ( AR) is on or off.

What's AR?
It's a technology that uses your phone's camera and gyroscope to see a virtual object in the real physical world like you see a real object in real world. So you can see this pokemon (virtual) in the real world.

How to catch pokemon?
As already mentioned your objective is to catch it and train it. When you encounter a Pokemon throw a Pokeball at it flickering it from bottom to up.If you successfully caught it, it'll become yours.

Whats Pokeball?
It's a ball that your throw at the Pokemon from your screen.

That's it?
No. You can level up your Pokemon and evolve it more powerful species. To do that you need Stardust and candies. These are game currencies. Successful capturing of Pokemon awards candies.

Battles, GYMS, Combat
Beside capturing you can fight with other players with your Pokemon. To beat them successfully you need High CP Pokemon. CP stands for combat points. Higher the CP stronger is the Pokemon.
The highest CP Pokemon list is here. GYM were the locations in the real world you go and battle with other trainers to get control.

How to level Up?
You level up by earning XP. Each time you reach the next level, you will get more pokeballs and other things which help you in the game. To get XP, you need to catch Pokemon catching a new Pokemon will give you more XP than catching one you are lady have. You can also get it by training at a gym, winning battles at opposing gyms, and visiting pokestops.


These are the locations in the map where you can collect eggs which can be hatched into pokemon after you travel a certain distance. Besides you get pokeballs, Revives as well
I don't want to make it more complicated. This a beginner guide.Go and Catch'mm all!

Check My other Guide on how to evolve eevee into powerful vaporeon!

Pokewatch- Pokemon GO plus

pokewatch helps you to catch the pokemon and collect items without having to look at your smartphone
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The complete Eevee Evolutions Pokemon GO Guide

Eevee is a cute looking Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but it can evolve into powerful Pokemon's Vaporeon, Flareon or Jolteon. Before you evolve your eevee take a look at the stats of each pokemon because you can use only one force evolution. If you try to evolve Eevee’s again, it becomes random. Also, check out my power ranking to check which the strongest Pokémon is. And also tip to get free pokecoins in pokemon go. When you type the name make sure the first letter is capitalized.

Eevee can evolve into three different types of pokemon. These are Vaporeon, Flareon, and jolteon. Stats of each are different. Vaporeon is the strongest. Flareon is in the middle. Jolteon is the weakest of three.

Vaporeon stats – Water Type Pokemon

  • Hit Points         260
  • Attack              186
  • Defense            168
  • Max CP           2816
  • Catch Rate       12%
  • Flee Rate          6%

How to Get Vaporeon in Pokemon GO

25 Eevee Candy
Note: Evolution decided at random.
Or, for first evolution, nickname Eevee to:
Rainer = Vaporeon

Flareon Stats – Fire Type Pokemon

  • Hit Points      130
  • Attack            238
  • Defense         178
  • Max CP         2643
  • Catch Rate    12%
  • Flee Rate       6%

How to get Flareon in Pokemon GO

25 Eevee Candy
Note: Evolution decided at random.
Or, for first evolution, nickname Eevee to:
Pyro = Flareon

Jolteon Stats - Electric type Pokemon

  • Hit Points       130
  • Attack            192
  • Defense          174
  • Max CP          2140
  • Catch Rate     12%
  • Flee Rate        6%

How to get Jolteon  in Pokemon GO

25 Eevee Candy
Note: Evolution decided at random.
Or, for first evolution, nickname Eevee to:
Sparky = Jolteon

Don't know how to rename? I can help!

Capture eevee first!

Open Pokemon

Select Eevee. You can see small pencil near eevee. Tap it to edit name

Change the name to the Pokemon you want as shown in guide

Finally Select Evolve. Restart the game. Enjoy your new eevee evolved pokemon!

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The 15 Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO So Far

Based on the research data and expert opinion (maniacs!) here we list the top 10 best Pokémon in Pokémon go. Best highest CP Pokémon in Pokemon GO is extremely hard to find. I’ll update this list frequently so please bookmark it if you want to read later to catch that particular Pokemon. Based on the data so far here are the top 10. Enjoy :) I’ll rank them in order based on CP, Attacking stat, Defensive stat, health or stamina stat and best in overall...
*Marked Pokemon are confirmed but not yet released
How do we rank these Pokémon’s?

Top 15 ranking based on current raw data. Later I’m going to come up with a formula that can accurately reflect the power of each Pokémon in Pokémon GO.
The method that I want to use but due to the lack of particular cp modifier it’s not possible to calculate the final value at this time...Keep checking! I’ll find a way. You can help me as well.

Average (HP+ Attack+ Defense)* (CP value of individual Pokémon)

Pokemon GO power Ranking – Raw data

Average* CP

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